Thursday 8th October 2015
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Running Progress Update Short And fast Run

Running Progress Update Short And fast Run
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Today I ran… and I ate and I got angry and I made a decision.

me just about to go out running

Just before a medium to hard paced 2 mile endurance run

I kinda did a lot today.

Hadn’t run for a day and was getting ready, so as I came home this evening (after eating crap at work), I slipped on the old running shoes, trainers and running beanie hat.  Popped in my mp3 player with running trax gold on it and off I went.  I only ran 2 miles but I went for a medium to a hard pace instead of a slower pace for a longer run.

I’m going to be doing this to build up my endurance and I am going to put in for a marathon.

I’m ok for a good 10 miles before the dull aches set in, and then by around 13 to 15 miles I’m shattered.  Ive only gone that far once, and 13 miles twice.  the rest have been anything up to 10 or 11.

It’s time to set out a routine so that I can build up the distance and the stamina so that a 26.2 mile marathon won’t feel like a chore.

Anyway ran the 2.05 miles in 16 minutes  This is a great time for me as I normally average around 18 minutes.  There is one steep hill in the run halfway through that lasts about 80 metres and today had a very strong wind I was running into when i was running uphill and the outward journey.

The return journey was where i pushed for a medium to a hard pace but I had some stitch in my side and struggled to get my breathing under control.  I am also full of snot, not quite over a cold yet so it’s doing my head in!

Anyway nutrition is my next thing, I’m going to find out the best forms of nutrition on a budget.

Happy running


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